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Peace & JUICE // Smoothies bar

Imagine a real trailer from the 70’s, customised like a tropical oasis, and get on board for a journey into the flavours of sweet, full of vitamins nectars of Peace and Juice, in a colourful setting inspired from multiple influences.

We offer you delicious fresh Smoothies, with preferable local and seasonal products. We also offer skewers of season fruits (melon, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries …), fruity Milk-Shakes and blended coffees.

We respect ethical rules that reflect the values of festivals wishing to promote sustainable development. Indeed, we set up a compost bin on site to recycle our organic wastes, we only use reusable cups and we give priority to seasonal products in our recipes.
We can also place, just next to the bar-trailer, a “lounge area” with cushions, candles and hand-woven rugs.

Menu: 4 or 5 Smoothie recipes (only fresh fruits) // Fresh-squeezed orange juice // Hand-made and organic juices // Organic syrups // Blended coffee // Fresh fruits milk-shakes // Complete breakfast: smoothie + tea or coffee + 1 slice of bread with home-made jam or honey.


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